The Bitter Taste of Holiday Poison

Poisons usually have a bitter taste on the tongue. This is due to the fact that a lot of toxins have a high pH value (a base), containing soapy or slippery substances. In contrast, acids with low pH values taste sour. In either case, the bad taste is a sign you should spit it out.

A Simple Observation

The Bitter Taste of Holiday Poison - a word about the holidays - holly berries
Fruit of the season

I had a taste of the season and we’re not even at the main course yet. You know what I’m talking about. The bad manners, the road rage, the short fuses and the red faces.

All I did was drive at the speed limit on a lonely single-lane country road. Then, from nowhere, a car started angrily swerving to get around me.

The Bitter Taste of Holiday Poison - a word about the holidays - holly berries
A bitter taste….

Alright, without getting cynical, let’s just say I wasn’t surprised. The dichotomy of the proper decorum appropriated for this time of year and the true nature of the human condition mix like oil and water. The cocktail is a messy recipe for a contagion that spreads and spreads with only one winner.

Here’s What it All Means

People aren’t governed by a single set of rules. Everyone behaves the way their bodies, their minds, their hearts, and not least of all their environment dictates. It’s all connected inside, like a finely tuned machine with no room for error, lest disaster.

This means that it takes just one thing to set off a catastrophic chain reaction of “badness”. This is the way of the land. And, there is something odd about the holiday season (falling within the winter months) that brings both the great and gawd-awful out of people.

Here I am lamenting about the negativity of the season when instead the love of life, the good news, the joy of the coming year, and a divine renewal should be celebrated. Peace should reign in the hearts of Mankind.

The Bitter Taste of Holiday Poison - a word about the holidays - holly berries - ornaments
An ornament hangs from our front porch

The Biology of Holly Berries Tells Us All We Need

The Holly Berry, the red round fruit that dress the green boughs, are an icon of the holiday season. They are cute little berries that form bright colored clusters on plants throughout the winter months. Holly berries are the sign of the wunder season.

Outside my front door is a holly bush and the berries grow wholeheartedly everywhere on it. It makes me smile looking at this tree because it will be there year round. Also, they play a lesson perhaps to understand something profound.

The Bitter Taste of Holiday Poison - a word about the holidays - holly berries - toxic or not
Holly berries. Look, but don’t eat.

Holly is a joyful symbol. The foliage is a reminder of the happiness and peace of the holiday season. But, matching this joyful symbol, Holly bushes/trees bear fruity morsels that can hurt you. The red Holly berries are harmful to humans. They can make you sick (source).

(Disclaimer: They aren’t a mortal danger, which is why I haven’t removed them from my front yard with kids around)

Oh, how paradoxical is their existence. The beautiful holiday berry is a truly bad taste if consumed. You can only admire the berry. No sweetness here. Yet, they are a wonder to see during this joyous season.

Fixing the “Problem”

I take this as a reminder that the holiday season is not for us to enjoy with our physical being. Instead, I think it best if we realize that the holiday is meant to be enjoyed with a much deeper understanding. Let’s put it another way: how do we consume the reason for the season?

You have to enjoy the season, I think, by embracing something that you can’t taste, feel, smell, see, or hear. The only thing I know that transcends your five senses, yet affects everything about you (inside and out) is knowledge.

Holly berries are taste bad (source).

Merry Christmas!

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