Casual Photography with an Ultra-Wide Angle Prime Lens? (Sony Batis 18mm Review)

Are you wondering whether an ultra-wide angle lens is useful for casual photography? In contrast to zoom lenses, a prime lens only provides you with a single focal length. A prime lens limits your ability to compose images to a single viewing angle. This means that with certain focal lengths at the shorter or longerContinue reading “Casual Photography with an Ultra-Wide Angle Prime Lens? (Sony Batis 18mm Review)”

The Best Things in Life are Unexpected (Seascape Photography)

Have you experienced a surprise that paralyzed you? Stopped you cold. Maybe it’s a phone call from an old flame, or learning you won a prize for a contest you entered and prematurely wrote off as a loss. Life is full of surprises. The problem is that I don’t like surprises. I much prefer havingContinue reading “The Best Things in Life are Unexpected (Seascape Photography)”

The Bitter Taste of Holiday Poison

Poisons usually have a bitter taste on the tongue. This is due to the fact that a lot of toxins have a high pH value (a base), containing soapy or slippery substances. In contrast, acids with low pH values taste sour. In either case, the bad taste is a sign you should spit it out.Continue reading “The Bitter Taste of Holiday Poison”

Writing and Drawing What Matters Today

Do you ever wish you were good at something, unreachable? In school, I discovered that I could overcome writer’s block if I stopped typing and started writing with a pen and paper. It was only many years later that I learned that using a pen instead of a computer to take notes improved your mentalContinue reading “Writing and Drawing What Matters Today”

Going Nowhere is Perfect

On a cool afternoon, I decided to take my electric unicycle (a Kingsong 16x) on a ride through the neighborhood. I packed my camera in my favorite backpack, threw on my helmet with a few other protective measures, and glided off. As I listened to a podcast on a pair of bluetooth headphones, I thoughtContinue reading “Going Nowhere is Perfect”

A Natural Example of Your Inner Conflict

Ever walk through nature and stumble upon the UNEXPECTED? Discovery is a thrill I need. Although I’m all grown up, the childlike sense of wonder continues to put a smile on my face. During this tough time across the globe, I decided to visit a local State Park. Of course, the cold blustery weather didn’tContinue reading “A Natural Example of Your Inner Conflict”