Casual Photography with an Ultra-Wide Angle Prime Lens? (Sony Batis 18mm Review)

Are you wondering whether an ultra-wide angle lens is useful for casual photography? In contrast to zoom lenses, a prime lens only provides you with a single focal length. A prime lens limits your ability to compose images to a single viewing angle. This means that with certain focal lengths at the shorter or longerContinue reading “Casual Photography with an Ultra-Wide Angle Prime Lens? (Sony Batis 18mm Review)”

The Best Things in Life are Unexpected (Seascape Photography)

Have you experienced a surprise that paralyzed you? Stopped you cold. Maybe it’s a phone call from an old flame, or learning you won a prize for a contest you entered and prematurely wrote off as a loss. Life is full of surprises. The problem is that I don’t like surprises. I much prefer havingContinue reading “The Best Things in Life are Unexpected (Seascape Photography)”

Does Pain Exist in a World Without Words?

As I watch my boys grow up, I notice that the words they speak are all nouns. Objects. And, it got me thinking: How important are words? What kind of world would we live in if words didn’t exist? In this article, I go on a odd journey, a day dream perhaps, about the importanceContinue reading “Does Pain Exist in a World Without Words?”

7 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

Do you write a lot, or wish you wrote more? I write a lot on a daily basis. But, I’ll admit it’s always difficult to punch those keys when I’m on deadline or have to work on a boring project. If you’re a blogger, a novelist, or simply someone who likes stringing words together, thenContinue reading “7 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block”

The Bitter Taste of Holiday Poison

Poisons usually have a bitter taste on the tongue. This is due to the fact that a lot of toxins have a high pH value (a base), containing soapy or slippery substances. In contrast, acids with low pH values taste sour. In either case, the bad taste is a sign you should spit it out.Continue reading “The Bitter Taste of Holiday Poison”

Going Nowhere is Perfect

On a cool afternoon, I decided to take my electric unicycle (a Kingsong 16x) on a ride through the neighborhood. I packed my camera in my favorite backpack, threw on my helmet with a few other protective measures, and glided off. As I listened to a podcast on a pair of bluetooth headphones, I thoughtContinue reading “Going Nowhere is Perfect”

A Natural Example of Your Inner Conflict

Ever walk through nature and stumble upon the UNEXPECTED? Discovery is a thrill I need. Although I’m all grown up, the childlike sense of wonder continues to put a smile on my face. During this tough time across the globe, I decided to visit a local State Park. Of course, the cold blustery weather didn’tContinue reading “A Natural Example of Your Inner Conflict”